Since 2004, we have executed turnkey advertising campaigns using T-Shirt TV®.  We supply the highest quality, AAAA+ male and female models for events in any U.S. or Canadian Market.

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Our experienced teams have been called upon to serve in the field for many brands, including Cadillac, MSNBC, HBO, Willy Wonka , Coca-Cola,  Sprint, National Geographic, McDonalds, Chase Bank, Microsoft, T-Mobile, IBM, HP, NBC, FOX, Good Year, AT&T, Netflix, NBA, Wall Street Journal, Def Jam, Universal Pictures, Hanes, Chase Bank, and CBS Radio.

Whether you want to make an impact at an event, launch a new product, increase sales, or broadcast your message, contact us!  Just tell us who, what, where and when and we will customize the garments to suit your needs! We are able to load your content and supply local brand ambassadors in any market.  Execute in one location or activate a simultaneous multi-market program!

Contact us today for an immediate quote. We look forward to working with you!

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Send us a message for more information and pricing. A T-Shirt TV® representive will contact you within 12 hours.

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